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- Phelele, Performance, MAH, Geneva, Switzerlandseekers

- Inhlambuluko, Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju, South Korea

- Inhlambuluko, Museu Nacional de História Natural, Luanda, Angola


- iNzunza, Les Recontres à l' échelle, Marseille

- Nzunza, ICA, Cape Town 


- Guherekeza, collaboration with Dorotheé Munyaneza, Commune, Mucem,      

  Marseille, France.

- iNzunza, MAM VP, Paris, France.


-Enemy of Progress, Bern, Switzerland

-Baqamile, Woordfees, Stellenbosch, South Africa


- Belluard Festival, Switzerland

- Sites of Memory, Amsterdam


- “those ghels”, Santarcangelo festival, Italy

- Ngisacela Uk'thula, Company Gardens, Cape Town


- uKhongolose, Appleton Square, Lisbon

-RTTC, TAAC, Observatory, Cape Town

-"those ghels", Spielart festival, Munich

-"those ghels", Theater Spektakel, Zurich

-Jikijela, iQhiya, Documenta 14, Kassel, Germany

-Africa Raccontare un Mondo, Milan, Italy

-"those ghels" Greatmore Studios, Cape Town
-The Portrait, iQhiya, Documenta 14, Athens
-Deep Memory, Kalmar Art Museum, Sweden 
-"those ghels" ICA Live Arts Festival, Cape Town
-Black Madonna, ICA Live Arts Festival, Cape Town


-Busuku benzolo, Labor Zero Labor, Triangle Arts, Marseilles, France
-Reparations, Theater Spektakel, Zurich, Switzerland
-The Portrait, iQhiya, V&A, Cape Town
-Qunusa!Buhle, 2016, Any Given Sunday, Khayelitsha, Cape Town
-The Incantation of the Disquieting Muse – On Divinity, Parallel- and                        

-Suprarealities or the Exorcisement of Witchery, Savvy Contemporary, Berlin
-"those ghels", Infecting the City, Cape Town.

-The Portrait, iQhiya, The Opening, Greatmore Studio’s, Cape Town

-The Commute, iQhiya, Iziko National Museum, Cape Town.

-The Commute Part 2, iQhiya, ICA, Cape Town.

-Live Architecture, 55 Minute Hour, iJoowish (All the girls in their pretty dresses), Cape Town. 


-Beyond the line, Finnisage, Gallery MOMO, Cape Town.

-100 African Reads, Greenmarket square & De Waterkant, Cape Town.

-Ramp, Stevenson, Cape Town.

-Conjugal Visit, Alma Mater, Cape Town.

-Iqhiya Elimnyama, Infecting the City, Cape Town.

-Spill, Baxter Theatre Complex, Cape Town.

-Spill, Infecting the City, Cape Town.

-Towards Intersections; Negotiating Subjects, Objects and Contexts, Museum Africa, Johannesburg


-Scintilla, A show on Alchemy, Commune 1, Cape Town.

-Chroma, Performance as part of Mawande Ka Zenzile’s portraits, Stevenson, Cape Town.

-My Body Is Not An Apology, Cape Town Artweek, Guga S’thebe, Langa, Cape Town.

-Iqhiya Elimnyama, Makukhanye Arts Room, Khayelitsha, Cape Town.

-Cabaret Crawl, GIPCA Live Arts Festival, Cape Town.

-Between Subject and Object, GIPCA Live Arts Festival, Cape Town.

-Between Subject and Object, Michaelis Galleries, Cape Town.

-Credo, Freedom day celebrations, Artscape, Cape Town.


-Inkululeko, Theatre Arts Admin Collective, Cape Town.

-Inkululeko, Youngblood/Beautiful Life, Cape Town.

Image credit: Lauren Theunissen

Buhle Portrait 2020_MG_0050-Edit.jpg

Buhlebezwe Siwani was raised in Johannesburg, due to the nomadic nature of her upbringing she has also lived in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu Natal. Siwani works predominantly in the medium of performance and installations, she includes photographic stills and videos of some performances. She uses the videos and the stills as a stand in for her body which is physically absent from the space. Siwani completed her BAFA(Hons) at the Wits School of Arts in Johannesburg in 2011 and her MFA at the Michealis School of Fine Arts in 2015. She has exhibited at the Michaelis Galleries in Cape Town, a site-specific exhibition in collaboration with APEX Art, New York City, in 13th Avenue, Alexandra township, Commune 1, and Stevenson in Cape Town.


Lives and works between Amsterdam and Cape Town. 

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